LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Standards Tab

Standards Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?
Standards -- Guidelines
Data Standardization. All data fields to be used in linkage models must be standardized. That is, values which are meant to represent the same information must be equal, values which are meant to represent different information must be different, and values meant to represent missing information must be Null. Otherwise, linkage results will be incorrect. Typically, files to be linked were not designed for data comparisons between files. For example, age might be numeric 16 in one file and text 16 in another. Sex might be numeric 0, 1 in one file and text F, M in another. Towns or facilities might have custom file-specific codes. You can use the standard methods described here to help standardize raw data as part of a linkage project. On this tab, the methods are only for demonstration purposes. No data in your files is actually tested or changed. Some standard methods accept one value and other accept two. Most of the methods can produce multiple standardized fields. For example, StdAddress can produce separate fields for street number, street name, apartment number, etc. This allows you to accept partial agreements when you compare match fields.

Standard Method List

2. Standard Method List
Methods on the Standard Method list are available for standardizing imported data for record linkage purposes.
Test. Click on the Test command button for any Standard Method to open the Test Standard Methods dialog.
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