LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Standardize Tab

Standardize Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?
Standardize Guidelines.

Standard Spec List

2. Standard Spec List
1st Input Field. Select a field from the input table from the drop down list.
2nd Input Field. If required, select a second field from the input table or enter a constant value.
Std Method. Select an appropriate Standard Method for this field.
Std Option. Select an appropriate standard option for the Standard Method.
Output Field. Name the output field. Output names cannot be the same as input fields or other output fields.

Field Navigation Controls

3. Field Navigation Controls
Go to the first record

Import Specs button

4. Import Specs button
Import Specs. Click on Import Specs to import standard specifications from an earlier project.

Standardize button

5. Standardize button
Standardize. Click on Standardize to apply the standard specifications to your input table and create a standard table.
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