LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Select Input Tab

Select Input Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?
Select Input -- Guidelines
Select Queries. Create a select query to select cases and fields from your original data for linkage purposes. You can include calculations which change old values or add new values. You can also add extra information by joining to a reference table. Your original table should include a record identifier field. If your table does not have a record identifier field then add one before importing. In any case, confirm that the field does not include duplicate values. Rename this field as UniqueID in your query.

Query List

2. Query List

Auto Run button

3. Auto Run button
Auto Run. If you have already completed all of the steps once then you can click on Auto Run the repeat Import Data and Standardize.

New Query button

4. New Query button
New Query. Click on New Query to open the native Access Query Design View for a new query. Save a select query with the same name as the data source followed by __Select with 2 underscores (e.g., Crash__Select).

Import Query button

5. Import Query button
Import Query. Click on Import Query. Provide requested information about an existing query from an earlier project.

Delete Query button

6. Delete Query button
Delete Query. Select row for query to delete. Click on Delete Query to delete the selected query.

Edit Query button

7. Edit Query button
Edit Query. Select row for query to edit. Click on Edit Query to open the query in design view.

Open Query button

8. Open Query button
Open Query. Select row for query to view. Click on Open Query to open the query in datasheet view.

Import Data button

9. Import Data button
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