LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Merge Passes Tab

Merge Passes Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?

Number of Imputations

2. Number of Imputations

Number of Iterations

3. Number of Iterations

Standard Deviation

4. Standard Deviation

Standard Error

5. Standard Error

Random Sample

6. Random Sample

Random Number

7. Random Number

Sampling Method

8. Sampling Method

Best Pairs

9. Best Pairs

Merge Passes button

10. Merge Passes button
Table Listing Merged Pairs (MP0). One table is produced that merges record pairs from all match passes. Each pair is listed only once in the merged pairs table. The table name is set to the Match Name with MP0 as a suffix, for example CrashEMS__MP0. If Access is the Data Provider, the table is stored in a database with the same name as the table.
SetNbr. Set Number groups all links for a given UniqueID from Table A. The Set Number is set equal to the minimum UniqueID from Table A.
UniqueID. Record identifier for a record in Table A in a match of Table A to Table B
UniqueID_B. Record identifier for a record in Table B in a match of Table A to Table B.
Match Weight. Total match weight after considering all comparison outcomes. Weights are calculated using your prior estimates for all model parameters. Agree weights are averages for each match field, not value specific weights.
Match Probability. Posterior probability that the listed pair is true match. Calculated from the match weight using Bayes' rule for record linkage.
CrashCounty1__Exact. One column is created in the table for each match field. The column name is set to the field name from Table A with the Compare Method from the match specifications as a suffix.
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