LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Link to Tables Tab

Link to Tables Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?
Link To Tables -- Guidelines
Links To Tables. Access links are used to import your original data for standardization and linkage. An Access link is a pointer from an Access database to a data table which is not necessarily another Access table. Your original data should not be changed in any way by linking and copying. By default, a new Access link has the same name as the external table. You must change the name of the link if it conflicts with any name used for your data source (for example, Crash__In or Crash). The latter links are created by the system and will overwrite your earlier links.

Link List

2. Link List

New Link button

3. New Link button
New Link. Click on New Link. Navigate to existing table in the native Access Create Link dialog.

Import Link button

4. Import Link button
Import Link. Click on Import Link. Provide information about an existing link from an earlier project.

Delete Link button

5. Delete Link button
Delete Link. Select row for link to delete. Click on Delete Link.

Rename Link button

6. Rename Link button
Rename Link. Select row for link to rename. Click on Rename Link and provide new name in dialog.

Open Link button

7. Open Link button
Open Link. Select row for link to view. Click on Open Link to open datasheet view of linked data table.
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