LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

How To Install

Installation Instructions for Strategic Matching LinkSolv Version 8.3.0228
This is information you should know before installing and using LinkSolv Version 8.3.0228 Record Linkage Software from Strategic Matching, Inc.
1. Software Compatibility
2. Installing LinkSolv 8.3
3. Launching LinkSolv 8.3
1. Software Compatibility
LinkSolv 8.3.0064 has been tested with the following software:
Windows Vista®, Service Pack 2, MDAC 6.0
Windows® 7, Service Pack 1, MDAC 6.0
Windows® XP, Service Pack 3, MDAC 2.8
Windows® 2003 Server, MDAC 2.8
Access® XP, Service Pack 3
Access® 2003, Service Pack 3
Access® 2007, Service Pack 2
Access® 2010
If you are running earlier versions of these products then update the software on your computer before installing LinkSolv. LinkSolv may not operate correctly if you have earlier versions installed.
2. Installing LinkSolv 8.3.0228
2.1 Backup and document all custom work (if necessary)
Create backup copies of all files in the LinkSolv installation folder (default folder is C:\Program Files\Strategic Matching\LinkSolv 8.3 or C:\Program Files (x86)\Strategic Matching\LinkSolv 8.3).
Create reports for all custom work in LinkSolv linkage projects including a) simulation parameters; b) standard specifications; c) match specifications; d) SQL queries; e) Visual Basic procedures; f) token tables for name or address standardization; g) local reference tables; and h) error probability tables.
Databases in the LinkSolv installation folder will be replaced when you do a full installation of LinkSolv, after which you must restore custom work manually if you wish to repeat or revise an old project.
2.2 Uninstall current installation (if necessary)
Uninstall your current installation of LinkSolv using Windows® Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. If the earlier version is not uninstalled completely, finish the process manually using Windows® Explorer.
2.3 Download and run the setup program for a new installation
2.3.1 Obtain the serial number and password for LinkSolv 8.3.0228 new installation from Strategic Matching.
2.3.2 Go to Click on the Downloads tab.
2.3.3 Search Downloads for the serial number. From the list of links, click on the one for your system configuration (Windows® XP and Access® 2007, etc.).
2.3.4 Click on the link for LinkSolv Setup 8.3.0228 for New Installation. Respond to the download and update dialogs. Enter the password when prompted.
3. Launching LinkSolv 8.3.0228
3.1 The LinkSolv setup program will install shortcut for LinkSolv 8.3 on your desktop and in your start menu. Click on either shortcut to launch LinkSolv 8.3.
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