LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Dual Matches Tab

Dual Matches Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?
Dual Matches -- Guidelines
Dual Matches. Use a dual match to link two data sources. Give new matches short, descriptive names consisting on only letters and numbers. The Specify Match dialog is used to create and test a linkage model. The Perform Match dialog is used to apply the linkage model to your standardized data. The Review Match dialog is used to examine linked record pairs and analyze linkage results. When you select a row for an existing match, Access table links and queries for the selected match are recreated to reflect prior work. This can take several minutes, depending on the amount of work already done. Once you have selected a row, you can switch between Specify Match, Perform Match, and Review Match without further delay.

Dual Match List

2. Dual Match List
Source A.
Source B.

New Match button

3. New Match button
New Match. Click on New Match and provide a Match Name in the New Match dialog. After the new match appears on the list, select Source A and Source B from the drop down lists and edit the Description.

Delete Match button

4. Delete Match button
Delete Match. Select the row for an old match to delete. Click on Delete Match.

Specify Match button

5. Specify Match button
Specify Match. Select the row for the match to specify. Click on Specify Match to start the Specify Match dialog.

Perform Match button

6. Perform Match button
Perform Match. Select the row for the match to perform. Click on Perform Match to start the Perform Match dialog.

Review Match button

7. Review Match button
Review Match. Select the row for the match to review. Click on Review Match to start the Review Match dialog.
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