LinkSolv 8.3 Help Pages and User Guide

Bayesian Estimates Tab

Bayesian Estimates Tab

Where am I?

1. Where am I?
Bayesian Estimates -- Guidelines
Reviewing Estimates of Model Parameters. Review your match results in order to validate your current linkage model or improve your model for use in future matches. Use the Estimates tab to review prior estimates, observed values, and posterior estimates for parameters of the Bayesian models used for linkage.

Total Matches

2. Total Matches
Total Matches Prior Mean. Estimated mean of prior normal distribution of total matches.
Total Matches Prior Standard Deviation (S.D.). Estimated standard deviation of prior normal distribution of total matches.
Total Matches Observed. Average number of matches drawn in all linkage imputations.
Total Matches Posterior Mean. Average of prior mean and observed count. Posterior standard deviation is set equal to prior.

Error Probability

3. Error Probability
Field from A. Field from Source A in your match specifications.
Field from B. Field from Source B in your match specifications.
Total Error Probability Prior. Prior total error probability from your prior estimates of incorrect in Source A, incorrect in Source B, and correct but different in A and B.
Total Error Probability Observed. Observed total disagreement fraction from all linkage imputations.
Total Error Probability Posterior. Average of prior and observed estimates.

Logistic Regression

4. Logistic Regression
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